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At Urban Renewal Massage, we understand that each person is unique. Therefore, we develop treatment modalities specific to that individual.

Here at URM, in order to maintain the highest standards for our clients, we continue learning and advancing our knowledge of the latest body work therapy techniques. Our goal is to bring the highest quality of care to all the people we touch.


Immune system

It's cold and flu season.
Time to protect yourself by taking a few supplements.

The omega complex oils are great to boost immune function. It's getting the good quality oil that's tricky.

I highly recommend you look for pharmaceutical grade purity. Companies like Metagenics make really great quality products. They have several certifications of purity and quality from several different agencies here and in Europe.

Their product, OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720 is safe for people with shellfish allergies and supplies you with 720 mg of EPA and DHA (which is the key ingredient that makes Omega oils so beneficial). Plus the purity is guaranteed.

What's next?


Next is Vitamin D. Not just any Vitamin D, but D3 is the one you're looking for. D3 is what the body makes when you're out in the sun.

Its properties allow the body to make your immune system strong enough to ward off the things that could compromise your health.

I propose this theory, the reason cold and flu season hits in the late fall and winter and not so much in the spring and summer is
we have less sunlight hours and we are inside a lot more. I know that taking vitamin D is the latest fad but the fact of the matter is it works. Studies show that some folks get rid of non specific aches and pains after being on a regime of extra D3.
While others who are chronic with colds and flu find they have less incidences of colds or cold like symptoms when D3 is added to their nutrtion.

Here comes the shameless plug. . .

I am a distributor for Metagenics supplements and I have plenty of  D3 and OmegaGenics 720 in stock!

Mention that you saw this on my web page and get 15% off the purchase price.

Here's to your healthy immune system.

- Chuck

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