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At Urban Renewal Massage, we understand that each person is unique. Therefore, we develop treatment modalities specific to that individual.

Here at URM, in order to maintain the highest standards for our clients, we continue learning and advancing our knowledge of the latest body work therapy techniques. Our goal is to bring the highest quality of care to all the people we touch.


Am I getting lazy?

Or has the space/time continuum played a trick on me?

Has this happened to you?
You wake up one day and realize that your weeks are always full, you haven’t been working out or you forgot to do something you know is important but you can’t remember what IT is. You think about it some more and it’s been several weeks or months and you’ve fallen behind on several projects at home or at work.

What gives? Where did the time go and why do you feel overwhelmed?

I’m experiencing this phenomenon myself and I’m trying to figure out what to do about it. Is it a time-management issue or just laziness? Perplexing is what it is.

Like all of you, I’m busy! I’m taking inventory of all the things I do, and wow! I need 36-hour days. Here’s the kicker… I don’t even have kids.

How do Mom’s manage it all ? Shuttling back and forth to school, soccer, dance, football, gymnastics, basketball, baseball and whatever else happens (with multiple kids, too). I can’t even comment. I’m tired just writing about it!

My point is that I used to have time and it wasn’t a big deal. Getting a lot done during the day was the normal routine. SO… what went wrong?

I have diagnosed myself with a case of “Naughtenufftymendaday.” Though not terminal, “Naughtenufftymendaday” can cause serious vortexes of time disappearance. Without treatment, the long-term effects are dangerous. One of the long-term effects, I am experiencing, is the gradual speeding up of time throughout my day. For example, when noon comes around I’m always sure it’s really only 11am. In addition, when I get home, after working all day, It’s always later than I think. When I sleep, morning comes around sooner even though my alarm settings haven’t changed. Lastly, my weeks are now three days long. I know the calendar says differently, but I promise you it's real.

I am researching a treatment for this ailment in hopes of preventing an epidemic. However, there are no case studies that I can find to use as a reference.

I have a special request to the healthcare professionals that read my blog. If any of you come across anything related to “Naughtenufftymendaday” or if you’ve treated this disorder, please submit any findings, ideas, and treatment strategies to me via this publication.

Help me find a cure for “Naughtenufftymendaday”.

peace and love,


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